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Uncover hidden treasures, embrace affordability, and make a positive impact on the planet—one stylish find at a time!

LaMauve Boston Where fashion meets sustainability! Our consignment store is a haven for style enthusiasts looking to score incredible finds while embracing eco-friendly shopping. Step into a world of curated fashion that combines quality, affordability, and a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

 Why Choose LaMauve Boston Consignment?

  1. Curated Selection: Explore a carefully curated collection of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and more. Our team handpicks items to ensure you find unique, stylish pieces that stand out.

  2. Affordable Luxury: Indulge in luxury without breaking the bank. LaMauve Boston offers a wide range of high-quality, gently used items at prices that make fashion accessible to everyone.

  3. Sustainability in Style: Join us in promoting sustainable fashion! By choosing consignment, you contribute to reducing fashion waste and extending the lifecycle of beautiful garments.

  4. Diverse Brands: From well-known brands to hidden gems, our consignment store features a diverse array of fashion labels, ensuring there's something for every taste and style.

  5. Treasure Hunt Experience: Shopping at LaMauve Boston is like embarking on a treasure hunt. You never know what fabulous finds await you, creating an exciting and unique shopping experience.

  6. Fashion with a Story: Each item in our store has a story to tell. Embrace the history and character of pre-loved pieces while making them a part of your own fashion narrative.

  7. Community Connection: LaMauve Boston is more than a consignment store; it's a community hub. Connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts, share style tips, and celebrate the joy of sustainable shopping.

How It Works:

Ship us your gently used items and let them find a new home! Our consignment process is simple, transparent, and rewarding. Earn a percentage of the sale when your items find a happy buyer.

First time Consignor

Welcome to LaMauve! As a thank you, your first item is a 25% consignment fee, regardless of the sell price.

Consignment Fees

Consignment fees can run up to 85% for items under $1000 with other consignment shops. At LaMauve, we like to keep things simple.

Sell Price:

$0-$500 - 50% consignment fee

$500-$2000 - 40% consignment fee

$2000-$5000 - 30% consignment fee

+$5000 - 20% consignment fee

Buy Out and Trade-in options available

We want your items! LaMauve offers buy out and buy back offers for eligible items. Contact us for more information.

Ready to Consign?
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100 % Authenticity Guaranteed!

LaMauve is NOT an authorized reseller of any of the brands that we sell. A lot of these brands would prefer if we don't sell your authentic goodies. Although we are not an authorized reseller, we guarantee the authenticity of every single item we sell or 100% of your money back.
We also sell on Poshmark and Ebay at a 20% increase ( due to fee's. ) Both of these platforms perform an authentication inspection before arrival if you prefer this method.

Thanks for your continued support.

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